There’s two Ziggy the Iggy children’s books – both are available on Amazon and Kindle.

Ziggy Learns his ABC’s is the second story in the Ziggy the Iggy series. In this story, Twiggy teaches little Ziggy all the letters of the alphabet using all his favorite Iggy words. Available on Amazon (paperback, hardcover), Kindle (eBook) and Ingram Spark for libraries and retailers.

Ziggy Learns his ABC’s book cover


Ziggy Catches a Cold is the first story about two adorable little Italian greyhound puppy dogs named Ziggy and his sister Twiggy.

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About the Author

About Corinne Schmid

Corinne is a writer, author and mama to an Italian greyhound named Pepperoni. They live in Toronto, Canada where there are lots of little Italian greyhounds for Pepperoni to play with.

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Ziggy Learns his ABC’s

Ziggy Learns his ABC’s book cover

This is the second story in the children’s book series called, Ziggy the Iggy. As little Ziggy is one year old, it’s time for him to learn the alphabet. His older sister Twiggy teaches him all the letters using all of his favorite Iggy words.

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Ziggy Catches a Cold

Ziggy the Iggy: Ziggy Catches a Cold

The first book, Ziggy Catches a Cold, is available on Amazon and Kindle.

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Ziggy the Iggy is available in hardcover, electronic and paperback from IngramSpark. 



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Titles in production include:

– Ziggy Fun in the Sun (2018)

– Ziggy Goes to the Dentist (2019)

– When Ziggy Grows Up (2019)